Technical documentation

The support system does NOT load the hinges of the rear doors!

We often hear it said that the Van 'n Bike carrier system is 'on the hinges'.
This information is incorrect.
The Van 'n Bike carrier system has its own hinge blocks on which it rests and turns.
These hinge blocks are mounted on the attachment points of the existing hinges.

Directly on the body.

In addition, the existing bolts are replaced by longer and stronger bolts.
So the fastening points actually become stronger.

The carrying system is not a towing device!

The ball stud, which is located on the carrier system, should not be considered as a tow bar.

It is therefore not suitable for use as a towing device.

The ball stud has a maximum permissible towbar load of 80 Kg and a maximum permissible towbar load of 0 Kg.

The ball stud is only suitable for bicycle carriers and their accessories.

Information on axle load

It is important to respect the maximum allowed weight of your campervan.

Most camperVans have a MTM of 3500 kg.

The weight distribution on the axles is usually max. 1850 kg on the front axle and max. 2,000 kg on the rear axle.

You can also find these weights of your Campervan on the COC (certificate of conformity) of your vehicle.

There are usually no problems with the front axle, but the rear axle can be overloaded quite quickly.

This is often a problem, especially for campers with a long rear overhang.

If the rear axle is overloaded, driving comfort and safety may be compromised.

If you increase the weight at the back of your camper, you create a 'leverage' effect.

For example, if you put 50 kg of cargo on the rear, it will put more than 50 kg on the rear axle.

To find out how much your bike rack and bikes will really weigh on the rear axle, you can apply the following formula:

You can do the calculation with this formula:

H = G x a / r

G = weight of bicycles + rack and carrier in kg.

H = rear axle load in kg

r = wheelbase in cm

a = distance from centre of rack/bicycle carrier to front axle

for example:

Van 'n Bike carrying system = 22 kg

Bicycle carrier Uebler F22 = 12 kg

2 e-bikes = 50 kg

G = 84 kg

For a Camper Van with length 636 cm (a) the rear load in kg is then :

84 kg (G) x 583.5 cm (a)/403.5 cm (r)

H = 121.47 kg

For a camper van with length 599 cm (a) the rear load in kg is then :

H = 113.87 kg