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Carrier system for CamperVans

The patented Van 'n Bike carrying system was developed from our own CamperVan experience.
To guarantee quality, durability and safety, the Van 'n Bike has been extensively tested for strength and fatigue by KU Leuven and Flanders Make. The carrier system is also European homologated.

Made in Belgium,
by CamperVan fans!

"Originated by experience"... That's in 3 words how the "Van 'n Bike" carrier system for CamperVans was born in 2016.

After buying a compact, sporty Campervan, we were confronted with the well-known obstacle of 2 opening rear doors in combination with a bicycle carrier.

We were looking for a light, user-friendly and affordable system that would still be able to carry electric bikes.

Too expensive, too unwieldy, too heavy.....these are some of the impressions the existing systems left on us.

Then let's do it ourselves!

Thus was born our first baby carrier system, which we immediately tested on a tour of Norway.

During our trip, we received a lot of interest from other motorhome owners who were also looking for a system.

Back home, the Van 'n Bike carrying system was further refined and fine-tuned.

In the meantime, we obtained our European Patent.

At the beginning of 2020, we were certified by KIWA as a European approved manufacturer!


Our customers about Van 'n Bike

C. Brutein

Friendly reception, professional and smooth installation of rack. Safe way of transporting bicycles!


Dirk Weyns

I would like to nominate it as the most innovative bicycle carrying system currently available on the market!!! 

Dirk Vanvuchelen

As usual, everything was here very quickly and in perfect order.

Thank you very much for the fast service!

There are several of us who buy from you and we are all very satisfied.

Thank you very much!

we got it!

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