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Van 'n Bike Original with E6 number

"Time flies when you're having fun!

In the meantime, Van 'n Bike celebrated its 5th birthday and soldjust over 1000 units!

We owe this in large part to the trust that you as a customer have placed in us.  

There were times when we did not know how to get through the next rapids safely.

But thanks to those few obstacles, we managed to improve our Van 'n Bike even more.

In June 2021, we were able to convert our 2 type approvals ECE R26 and ECE R48-06 to a European approval with an E6 number!

In order to meet this requirement, we had to make a small modification to the Van 'n Bike.
An extra set of lights was fitted to the Van 'n Bike carrier system. 

This lighting should work when the Van 'n Bike is unladen.

We will introduce this new model from 1/1/2022.

The good news is that all Van 'n Bikes from before that date can be adapted to the new model, for those who wish to do so. This is certainly not compulsory.