Haba Savona crockery clip

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  • Holds plates, bowls, cups in place
  • Prevents rattling in kitchen cabinets
  • Easy blocking and unblocking
  • Height adjustable

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The Savona crockery clamp from HABA #Happy Campers is ideal for securing stacked items in the camper's cupboard.

This is an easy way to prevent plates, bowls or cups from rattling while driving.

The blocking bar is easy to operate and adjustable in height.

You press it against the load until it is sufficiently secure.

With a push of the button, it comes loose again and you can release the load again.

Includes 2 screws.


Additional Information


wall bracket 26 cm, blocking bracket 21 cm


Plastic locking bracket, aluminium wall bracket


0.085 Kg

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